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When: Thursday Evenings 4.15 - 5.15pm Where: AVR Dance @ The Layton Club Who Can Attend: Anyone! All are welcome. We have an amazing class every Thursday at AVR, taught by James Panther from the epic Freefly Crew! Classes will teach you the basic technique needed for break dancing, as well as learning how to dance like the Freefly Crew themselves! Their expert guidance and positive energy in class means that anyone can join and have the potential to backflip, break and b-boy like any of the crew! Check out some class

AVR are currently preparing for their ballet exams this 24th June! We want to wish them the best of luck and know they will do amazingly as they have worked so hard! What to pack in preparation for your ballet exam! Correct Uniform e.g leotard, belt, skirt, unitard, cardigan, shorts with spares if you have them Ballet Tights or Socks with a spare pair Ballet Shoes Pointe Shoes (If needed) with ALL pointe accessories including toe pads, tape etc Leg Warmers and Tracksuit to wear before and after the exam Hair Tin with Hair Accessories e.g

We are looking back at the past month at AVR and how far all of our students have come! Each student works extremely hard, improving every day on their technique, flexibility and pick up skills. Please enjoy these images and video of our outstanding pupils 💜     [video width="640" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

Best Friends Day at AVR! At AVR we pride ourselves on being a friendly, loving environment, much like a family where your little performers can feel safe and make life long friends! 'At AVR I've made a lot of friends, Cleo, Emma, Star, Lula and Imogen. AVR is a fun place, where we can dance together! I think we'll be friends forever!' - Harriet, 8 'I am happy I made friends at AVR! Isabell, Capri, Tabby and Pria are my best friends and I love dancing with them!' - Martha,

We support the Lytham Hall Theatre! Lytham Hall currently is looking for volunteers for their 2019 Summer Season of Open Air Theatre, with great shows on such as 'Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell', 'the Tempest by William Shakespeare', 'Frankenstein by Mary Shelley', 'Dan Leno A Royal Jester by David Slattery- Christy' and 'All Baba & The Forty Thieves from Arabian Nights' it would be great to see more volunteers for this amazing venue!   Follow the leaflet above to get more information!   #AVRLOVE

25th of May marks the International Tap Day around the globe, we at AVR want to celebrate with you by going back to the origins of this amazing dance style and by looking at the present dancers that inspire us! Tap Dance Origins During the 19th Century in America, percussion instruments were taken away from the slaves of the household, so they turned to percussive dancing to express themselves and retain their cultural identities. This style of dance connected with clog dancing from the British Isles, creating a unique

The children at AVR are working really hard for their exams that are coming up soon! We love the enthusiasm and hard work they put into their training and we know they will smash these exams! Check out the preparation they've been doing below! #AVRLOVE [video width="640" height="480" mp4="‐-Made-with-Clipchamp-2.mp4"][/video]

We managed to capture the moment Rhianna got her first aerial! We are so proud of her and her hard work! Keep it up! [video width="640" height="480" mp4="‐-Made-with-Clipchamp-1.mp4"][/video]   Love AVR xx