Singing is a fundamental part of your child’s development, from an early age they are taught to sing with classics like ‘row row row your boat’ or ‘rock a bye baby’, but singing is far more beneficial to your child than you may think!

Brain Development 

  • Singing causes your child’s brain to multitask, helping them to develop memory, from remembering lyrics to starting cues, the brain will learn to handle more tasks at once.
  • Singing also encourages deep breathing, allowing more oxygen to the brain.
  • It also releases endorphins to the brain, causing the body to feel good and increases brain activity.
  • Encourages concentration.
  • One of our favourite benefits of children singing is that it can help to develop a child’s imagination and creativity.

Language Development 

There are many parts to a child’s language development that the benefits of children singing can help to develop. Below are some ways that the benefits of children singing can develop their language:

  • Self-expression
  • Vocal Imitation
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • It helps to strengthen the lips and tongue through exercise, which is then stored through muscle memory
  • helps the clarity of speech
  • Children learn the importance of listening

Develops Learning Abilities 

here are many benefits of children singing that can help a child learn. The alphabet is taught with the ‘ABC’ song. Quite often, a foreign language is often taught through singing. It aids learning to remember phrases with greater accuracy. Through something as simple as taking a song a child already knows, such as ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and changing the words accordingly, you can aid learning in anything from science and history to the English language!


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