Why Ballet Is The Core Of Any Dance Style!

There are many reasons why Ballet is at the core of every dance style, with it being one of the oldest and most technical forms of dance, it’s vital basics can be shown throughout most styles such as hip-hop, lyrical and even Irish dancing!

So, why is ballet the core of any dance style, even if you never set foot in pointe shoes? 

Here’s a few reasons we could think of! 

Correct Technique and Terminology

Most forms of dance have their own vocabulary, for example, time steps, pick-ups (tap), popping and locking (hip-hop/street) etc. However, Ballet teaches the basics and core for all technique and terminology for most dance classes such as pas-de-bourree, pirouette etc.  

Class will become more effective and time-efficient if you step into it already knowing the basic techniques and terminologies, for example, you step into a Jazz class and they ask for a pas de bourree, double pirouette, it will be more beneficial for the dancer and teacher if you already have some idea of what this is. These can be taught within a Jazz, Lyrical or many other dance classes, however, with a basic understanding, a dancer is more likely to have more of a fun, fast-paced and interesting dance class ahead. 

A ballet class will also solely focus on the technique and correct placement of dance moves, rather than choreography, starting with barre work, where a dancer will slowly work on correct technique and placement, then move into the centre to work on strengthening technique and possibly working on a short combination.

The longer, partitioned class allows all students to better learn each individual movement and how to execute it properly to preserve the correct technique.

Endurance and Strengthening 

Dance was recently voted as the most physically demanding job a person could have, it is strenuous to our bodies and minds. However, nothing will prepare you for a full out 90-minute show or high-intensity dance routine better than a good barre session, holding the same position for what seems like a lifetime!  

A good Ballet class will concentrate on slow, controlled and seamless movements, which helps dancers to build strong and flexible muscles in all areas of the body. These muscles are vital for any dance performance, from doing high, elegant jumps in ballet, controlled sharp movements in street or commercial to slow, controlled, emotional moves in lyrical, these muscles will help a dancer have full control of their body, allowing them to give the best performance possible. 

All the practice of individual skills, over and over, helps dancers become stronger, more flexible, and better able to endure exhausting routines.

Timing and Rhythm

A vital part of any dance routine or dancers portfolio is to be able to maintain the correct beat within the music and being able to hit individual moves at the right time.

As classical music is used for ballet with a variety of time signatures, it is harder to find the underlying beat of a routine, allowing the dancer to be able to do this with even the most difficult beats and combinations.

If you can master a ballet combination with a difficult time signature, you will be able to master the quaver beat of a fast tap routine or find that heavy beat of street dance! Ballet makes a dancer well rounded and gives them the best chance to be an amazing dancer in all styles.

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