Why It Is Important To Take A Tap Class!

It is vital as a dancer to become well rounded in all forms and styles of dance, this will optimise your dance style and technique and ultimately make you a better dancer! However, Tap may be one of the most important dance classes you could go to, and here’s why! 

Rhythm and Musicality 

Tap is vital in teaching young dancers timing, rhythm and musicality, dancers who have taken tap lessons usually have a better understanding of accents, dimensions, and shading which transfers to their other styles of dance. This is because tap teaches you not to just be the dancer but to also be the music, with your taps being the instrument it allows a dancer to find their inner rhythm and have a better sense of the beats in music.

Counting and Listening to Music

Unfortunately not every dance/song is counted in 8 beats, there are many different time signatures within a song with different tempos. Tap allows the dancer to better understand how to count and listen to music, inevitably making you dance more to the music and making a better performer. Tap class also teaches basic music theory, counting different notes; quarter notes, quavers and triplets, so, therefore, the more we understand the music the better we can dance to it!

A Well Rounded Dancer!

If you aspire to be a famous dancer, or succeed in your dance education it is vital you know how to tap dance. Almost every audition / educational programme will involve tap! From broadway show auditions to the Rockettes, Tap is just as important as Ballet, Jazz, Technique and Commercial! 

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