Winter Dancer Tips with AVR Dance!

Winter is here and the temperature is dropping! it is important to make sure you look after yourself as a dancer, especially in the studio as low temperatures can cause injury! Follow our top tips below to survive the winter!

The Basics

Start off simple with your basic uniform, as studios tend to heat up as class goes on it is essential that you have this base layer so you can take off your further layers as you start to dance and warm up.


Layer The Top Half

Over your leotard, put on a dance sweater or sweatshirt to keep your upper body warm. Any kind of form-fitting sweater or top that doesn’t restrict your range of motion will be fine. This keeps you warm and prevents shivering that can affect a dancer’s breathing.

Layer The Bottom Half

Over your tights, put on a pair of leg warmers or dance pants. If you choose leg warmers, make sure to pull them all the way up to cover the majority of your legs. Make sure your pants are not too loose and not too tight, so you can still dance and move freely. If you need to, take this layer off when you get to the dance studio so you are not restricted as you begin class. This will warm the muscles in your legs and prevent strains or tears.

Don’t Overheat

Because the dance building will most likely have the heat on, you won’t need all your layers once class begins. As you feel your body warming up, begin to take off layers as needed. Once your body gets moving, it will naturally heat up. Even if you find yourself sweating at the end of class, bundle up again before you go back out in the cold, this prevents drastic changes in body temperature, stopping you from catching colds!

Stay warm and healthy this winter, dancers! #AVRLOVE