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You want the best for your child and so do we!

At AVR DANCE & Performing Arts we strive to equip our students with the skills they will need to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, by instilling values that go beyond the classroom.

We realise that not every student will pursue a career in the performing arts but we believe that the skills developed through learning to dance will last a lifetime and give every student the edge in whatever career they chose.

In our well structured and dynamic classes our students will not only benefit from a wealth of knowledge delivered by our highly qualified and experienced teachers, they will:

Make friendships that last a lifetime

Have fun & feel part of the AVR family


Develop poise, good posture & fitness

Improve flexibilty, strength, balance, co-ordination & endurance

Understand the importance of having a strong foundation; mastering core techniques & new skills.

Learn discipline, resilience & perserverance


We understand each child is different.  As children embark on their journey through life they develop a physical & emotional understanding of the world around them. Our role at AVR is to work individually with your child to navigate & nurture them based on their ability, regardless of experience, to unlock their potential & develop key skills to help them succeed.  Our bespoke lesson plans, provide support & guidance and a safe environment for your child to flourish.


Different Dance Classes


Leading Blackpool Dance Instructors


Dance Students

Our Facilities

* Large dance studio with raised viewing area

* Medium dance studio / drama studio

* Purpose built music studio

* Beautiful welcoming reception area for students and parents

* Brand new ‘Green Room’ with glass wall where students can wait

*2 x 6x4m Acropad air floors

* 6m tumble track plus extensive Acro equipment

* Professional in house working theatre

* Full lighting rig, sound system and mixing desk

* Window seating for students recreational breaks

* 1 x 12x2m airtracks

* Various mats and Tumbling equipment

* Professional working theatre with LED screen backdrop and full lighting and sound set up. 

* Parent portal for communication and online payment

* Optional child-size, flip-down toilet seats

* Installed hand sanitisers throughout the school

* Gel air fresheners (suitable for people with Asthma)

* Music Room

* BRAND NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2021 – Fourth studio

Benefits of AVR Dance in Blackpool

    • Enhances happiness, self-expression & creativity
    • Boosts confidence & self-esteem
    • Encourages new friendships with like-minded people
    • Develops communication skills
    • Improves sense of responsibility & accountability

    AVR’s 5 core values

    1. Providing excellent, well rounded technical dance, acro & performing arts training
    2. Guiding each child in their own individual journey through the arts 
    3. Helping each child realise their dreams & aspirations
    4. Teaching life & social skills that will support your children in achieving their dreams
    5. Providing opportunities that enhance our students learning & personal development


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      Private Tuition

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