Our Journey


AVR Dance started with a summer school for 11-18 year-olds in 2007 and soon became known for running master classes in school holidays with some of the industry’s top dancers and teachers, which proved extremely popular. In 2010, AVR began renting studio space at Michael Hall Theatre School and started our FIRED class. The school expanded rapidly from 1 class to 22 classes per week in 2017.

As great as it was to develop the school so much, it was always a dream for AVR to have its own studio and in 2017 this became a reality when we purchased the prestigious Layton institute. It took a lot of work but the new, permanent home opened officially in November 2017. Since then, AVR has hosted its own in-house show, held masterclasses with teachers from as far away as Australia and has continued to grow in student numbers and classes. We currently have over 70 classes a week, covering ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, street, singing, drama and limbering, with teachers who have worked across the world. However, we believe that there is always room for improvement. We are continually renovating so that we can offer our students the best. We are proud of what the AVR Family has achieved but always strive to improve and be the best we possibly can be. We look forward to what the future holds.




Blackpool Master Classes introduced


AVR Dance studio has its own place!

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